The Isle

  • 13 May

  • yizhoupan

“The Isle” is a first person adventure puzzle game. In the game, the players can copy the object in the environment, and spawn up to two clones at the same time, to solve the puzzles. It tells a story about game plagiarism. Now it has a demo version with 4 levels.



First person, adventure, puzzle

Individual Project

Unity,Cinema 4D

Feb.2015 – May.2015

This is a project for Master Thesis. My motivation is that I wanna create a game revealing the game plagiarism and copycat. It tells a story that you are an AI created by a game designer called “Anwir”. He desires to learn from a great game called “The Isle”, so as to create his own game. You will help him explore the source code of “The Isle”, and collect the “Source Box”, which contains the core information for building the game. Gradually, Anwir, the designer, changes his mind. He wanna occupy all those “Source Box” to make a clone of “The Isle”, and gain profit. In the end, he made it, and lock you inside to delete your program. But you finally escape to the out world, but find the copy of “The Isle” is everywhere.

The graphic design has referenced from Portal, but the mechanic is quite different.  From the term “copy”, I generated the mechanic of “copy & paste”. Players can copy most object in the game, and create up to two clones contemporarily. Another advanced mechanic is that players can connect the clones and their source to synchronize their movement. Different object has their own features that can be used to solve the puzzle. For example, the fan can blow the object forward. As players dive deeper into the game, the level will become more difficult with more complex combination of different objects.

Exhibited at IDM Show Spring 2015:

Photo May 12, 8 09 32 PM